Dr. Sani Mol Sunny - Ayurveda Medicine Specialist, Director

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Dr. Sani Mol Sunny

Ayurveda Medicine Specialist, Director
Department of Ayurveda Medicine, Sahaj Aarogyam

Meet. Dr. Sani Mol Sunny, BAMS, M.D., is the Director of the Department of Ayurveda Medicine at Sahaj Aarogyam. Her strong research and academic background in the field of Ayurveda Medicine has enabled her to deeply understand the impact of this ancient form of the medicine in curing and managing various diseases and to spread awareness about the efficacy of Alternative Medicine in treatment of diabetes, pain management, cardiac diseases, weight management etc. Dr. Sani started her journey as an Ayurvedic specialist in 2010 by studying BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) from Sri Ganganagar College of Ayurvedic Science and Hospital, DSRRAU, Jodhpur. She pursued M.D. in Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana from Uttarakhand Ayurveda University, Rishikul Campus, Haridwar, where she studied about different kinds of medicinal preparations, their dosage, formulations, etc. as told in Ayurveda.

During the 3 year P.G course, she also taught undergraduate classes as a part of her training that augmented her experience and academic skills. She submitted her Dissertation on “A Comparative clinical efficacy of freshly prepared Avalgujadi Gutika and Avalgujadi Malahara in Switra” as a part of M.D. (AY) under the guidance of late Dr. Sushma Rawat. A voracious reader and writer, Dr. Sani wrote following research articles during her academic career:

● Pharmaceutical Innovation Of Avalgujadi Gutika Into Avalgujadi Malahara: A Novel And Quick Approach in International Journal Of Research In Ayurveda And Pharmacy Journal.
● A Comparative Clinical Evaluation of Avalguajdi Gutika and Avalguajdi Malahara in Switra, in Ayurveda and Integrated Medical Sciences (JAIMS) Journal.
● HPLC Of Avalgujadi Gutika And Avalgujadi Malahara under construction. In January 2021, she added to her teaching experience by working as a lecturer in the Department of Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana in Kala Ashram Ayurved Medical College and Hospital, Gogunda, Udaipur (Raj.). Dr. Sani’s has published several papers in journals during her academic career as listed here:
● Paper on “Factors affecting the absorption of Ayurvedic drugs ”, published in IJGP , Vol 11 Special Issue 2018
● Paper on “Review: A Novel Ayurvedic techniques approach for value addition of waste materials” published in Research journal of Life Sciences, Bioinformatics, Pharmaceuticals and Chemical Science – 2019 May -June, ISSN 2454-6348, DOI:10.26479/2019.0503.39 Vol.5 (3) Pg. 474 – 481
● Paper on “Fundamental principles of Bhaishajya Kalpana” published in Journal of Ayurveda Medical Sciences, 2019,4,2,480-487. DOI:10.5530/jams.2019.4.7 Besides these papers, her article on the “Concept of Chaturvidha Rasayana in Rasa Shastra” is under publication in the Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine (J- AIM).
Dr. Sani also participated in several conferences and workshops that gave her a platform to showcase her knowledge about the use of herbal plants and Ayurvedic medicines in managing diabetes, dysmenorrhea and other chronic diseases. She emphasised the “Role Of Meditation In Prevention And Treatment Of Cardiovascular Disease” during the symposium held at All India Institute of Medical Science, Rishikesh, Uttarakhand in 2019. She also attended “Saundarya - 2019”, a Skintillating International conference on Beauty: Skin, Hair and Personality enrichment with Ayurveda held at National Institute of Ayurveda, Jaipur in 2019.
Backed by her strong research work, Dr. Sani is devoted to helping patients incorporate Ayurvedic Medicine as a way of life. You can visit her at Sahaj Aarogyam for consultation.

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