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Unani Hijama / Cupping Therapy Services

Cupping therapy is an ancient form of Alternative Medicine .In early times, when vacuum machine was not invented, vacuum was created by pulling the horns of a cow or bull from the mouth or by lighting a lamp and placing a pot on it. In present Era with the modern advancement and invention in medical field horns are being replaced with cups. Unani Therapist puts special vacuum cups on your skin which is simple, hygienic and highly effective. 
Hijamah cupping is a holistic form of preventive and curative therapy that has no adverse effect when performed professionally.Hijamah stood out as therapeutic modality  that provides healing without medicine.
At Sahaj Aarogyam Hijamah is performed using single use, disposable cups and a single use, sterilized blade.

It has brilliant results in many nervous system disorders. Visit us to see its magic if you have any kind of chronic and acute pain or nerve compression issues.


We  provide 

Multifunctional Wet Cupping (Hijama)
Dry Cupping
Fire Cupping
Bamboo Cupping
Wooden Cupping
Cupping for Facial Glow
Cupping for Detoxification
Cupping for Hair fall
Leech Therapy